Get A High-Performance Air Conditioner

Whether you are equipping your new home, or renovating your current home to improve its livability, you can’t miss out on replacing your air conditioner! More complex than regular air coolers, air conditioners use refrigerants to absorb the heat in a room, thus cooling the air. These appliances ensure high comfort levels in your home. Don’t rely on an old, broken air conditioner to work through the damage. To keep your home environment serene and your well-being intact, replace your air conditioner now!

Air conditioners are generally simple to install and use. But before you buy a new one, look for key identifiers that can help you determine if your chosen model is a step-up or a downgrade. A superior model will cool the air more efficiently. On days when the weather is cooler, you can simply rely on your fan settings to create a fresh atmosphere indoors.

Choose A Company You Can Depend On

We test every air conditioning unit, and supply only those appliances that meet our A+ quality standards. A few key features, defining the excellent quality of our air conditioners, are:

  • Night/sleep modes to minimize noise
  • Timer options of energy efficiency
  • Precision remote-controlled settings

The air conditioning units at AA Heating and Air Conditioning not only encompass the comfort of cooling your home’s environment on hot days, but also the comfort of a new smooth-processing air conditioner. Our technical consultant will analyze your preferences and your home lifestyle, and provide you with a comprehensive solution that addresses all your needs. Rest assured, knowing that the consultants we provide are dependable and experienced in the knowledge of the features, set-up and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

So, what are you waiting for? Investing in a new air conditioner for your home should be a memorable experience, and we will give you just that! Call us today at (301) 593-3600 to acquire product information. Based In Silver Spring, we offer our products and services throughout Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. All our equipment comes with manufacture warranty and our labor warranty on units installed by us.

We promise to deliver of each of our appliances safely at your doorstep. You can also call us for a free estimate for any of our equipment.