Are you standing with a screwdriver and a panicked look in front of your air conditioning? Congratulations! You might have made a small issue even worse.

You can’t be the jack of all trades, and may require help in some things, like HVAC maintenance.

Why Is It Important?

You might cringe a little to pay for maintenance, but you are saving your HVAC from a future break down. And breakdowns are time consuming and costly. So, invest a little now to save BIG for later.

Save-up MONEY

Proper maintenance allows HVAC to run on optimal condition using less energy. A neglected system might be under pressure. This causes your system to use twice as much of energy, reducing its efficiency. With proper maintenance, you can save 30% of your energy bill.

Reduce Repairs And Breakdowns

When you keep check and balance on your HVAC, you can rectify many problems before they can cause real damage. This way annual repair pays off in the long run.

Prolong Your HVAC Life

With timely maintenance, you can keep your HVAC fit and functioning for a longer time. Small things like filter and duct cleaning can noticeably improve your HVAC efficiency. Maintenance elevates the added burden caused by accumulation of dirt, wear and tear, and climate change.

Prevent Causalities

Neglecting your HVAC can lead to many expensive and life-threatening incidents. For example, a crack in the heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide leakage, which can endanger your life by poisoning the air. Apart from this, HVAC system are susceptible to short circuits without proper maintenance.


It’s better to consult a professional annually or biannually for maintenance, but there are a few things that you can learn for a monthly upkeep of your system.

  • You can replace the HVAC filter, once it gets dirt. Most of the HVAC systems have a light to indicate a filter change.
  • You can clean the debris and dirt that accumulates around the outdoor unit. You can use a hose and a brush for a monthly cleaning.
  • To avoid leaves and twigs from accumulating over the outdoor unit, trim the tress near them.
  • Ensure proper flow of air around the house; avoid blocking vents with furniture and drapes.

What Should You Leave To The PRO?

HVAC service providers can establish the source of your problem, by just listening to the weird sounds it makes. Trust them with annual maintenance; it is for your own long-term benefit. Here is a list of things that you should leave to the pros.

  • Thermostat setting for adequate temperature throughout the season.
  • Always leave the lose wire and connection for professional repairs. Wires can cause short circuits, and circuits can cause fire. A professional can attend to these problems easily.
  • Over time, friction is caused in different parts of the system. Approach a professional to lubricate the moving part of your HVAC system.
  • You might empty the drain pan and consider the leaks dealt with. A leak in your HVAC system is an indication of a bigger problem, and may cause great damage to your property and the system itself. Leaks are caused when there is a blockage in the drain pipe due to algae accumulation. So, call a HVAC service when you notice the initial signs.
  • Leave all the work related to gas pressure and fuel line connection to the professionals.
  • Adjustment to the boiler, furnace, blower, and system controls should also be done by a HVAC technician.

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