Essential Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioners keep your home pleasant when the weather is harsh outside. AC maintenance is crucial to keep your AC working properly. If left unattended, they can gradually become less and less operable.

Keeping your AC well maintained can help you run your AC for an extended period without repairs. Here’s are some helpful tips you should consider to keep your AC well maintained.

Cover It During The Long Winters

Air conditioners function to provide cooler temperatures during summer. Freezing winters can become a problem for air conditioning units. Water expands by 9% in its volume when it freezes. It can damage the internal components of the AC unit.

During these cold months, it’s best to either remove your AC unit or either routinely check them for moistures. Similarly, the outside unit also needs to be checked. If a snowfall occurs in your area, you should consider clearing the external unit from snowfall.

Icicles forming from the edge of the roof

Routinely Clear Your Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioning doesn’t only reduce the room temperature, but it also cleans the air from dust, bacteria, and other impurities. The AC unit uses air filters to remove them, but prolonged use will affect these filters, and enough build-up would clog them.

As airflow restricts in clogged-up filters, it reduces its efficiency. You should routinely check these filters to ensure they aren’t clogged. If the build-up is beyond cleaning, you should replace them with new ones. Installing new filters increases efficiency and lowers energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Let The Experts Handle It

Keeping your AC maintained can be a handful. If it’s your first time handling an AC, you should consider requesting professional maintenance services rather than doing it yourself. AC consists of several electrical components and delicate parts which could break if not handled properly.

These experts know everything about the AC, how it works, and have the right tools to check your system entirely. Having a professional take a look at your cooling device can help you in the long run.

Get Your AC Checked And Have It Maintained

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