Is your paycheck distributed amongst bills and loans before it reaches your hand?

Are you trying to save for a pair of shoes you can’t afford?

Saving money can be easy and simple, and you can dance around in your new shoes in no time. Heating and air conditioning contributes to a major chunk of your energy consumption, approximately around 48%. By using HVAC system efficiently, you can considerably lower down your energy bill.

So, transform your HVAC in a money saving machine by following simple tips.

Upgrade For A Higher Efficiency System

Higher efficiency means less use of energy. According to the U.S Department of Energy, you can save 30% on your energy bill with proper upgrade and maintenance.

Invest in a system with a higher (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) SEER rating. A unit with a SEER rating between 14–18 will reduce your energy cost by half, and perform better compared to older models.

Opt For Energy Stars

Purchase units that are manufacture on the guidelines of EPA. They perform at a 15% higher efficiency than conventional models. Moreover, they can save $3–$4 per square feet in energy cost, according to the US Department of Energy.

Along with being cost saving, energy star HVACs also entitle you to a rebate from some of the utility companies.

Energy Audits

Heating and cooling make up half of your energy bill; carry out an energy audit to determine your consumption pattern. You can make energy saving strategies based on it.

Determine area of most usage; use the zoning feature to limit HVAC usage in specific areas. You can also install programmable thermostats; they adjust as per the room temperature requirements and save a lot of energy.

Economizer Installation

You might be turning you’re A/C just out of habit. An economizer monitors the outside air, and when the outside moisture and dryness is comfortable, it stops the air conditioning and uses the outside air for ventilation.

Clean Filters An Ducts

Over time, debris and dust is collected in the filters of your HVAC system. This blocks the air flow, and cause the system to work overtime.

Moreover, ducts should be properly maintained along with the grill covering the ducts. Make sure there is no blockage in front of vents. This damages your HVAC system, and might lead to a costly repair.

Effective Use Of Windows

In peak summer time, use blinds and shades to keep the heat out. In winter, insulate your house to trap the heat inside.

Timely Maintenance

To save up to 30% of your energy bill, you need to schedule timely maintenance. With effective cleaning and fine-tuning, you can increase the system efficiency and reduce energy costs.

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