How to Choose the Best Heat Pump for Your Home

So you are considering buying a heat pump for your house and don’t know which one to consider. There are three types of heat pumps based on the material and the way they use to transfer heat:

  1. Air-source duct heat pump
  2. Split ductless heat pump
  3. Geothermal heat pump

Heat pumps have become popular as people are moving towards more economical and energy-efficient ways to deal with the problem of temperature regulations. Heat pumps are more cost-efficient than other cooling systems as they don’t generate heat. Rather, they transfer it. Here are a few things to consider to choose the ideal heat pump for your home.

Your Area Climate Matters

The first thing to consider for choosing the right heat pump is where you live and what kind of climate it is like there. Heat pumps use energy transfer, which makes them able to keep the temperature cool when outside is hot and warm when cold.

The outside environment can matter greatly when choosing the ideal heat pump. Air source heat pumps can work in colder climates like split-ductless and geothermal heat pumps, but they require an auxiliary heating source to operate below `10⁰ F. If you live in colder climates, go for a split ductless or geothermal would be best.

Focus On Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps don’t generate heat; instead, they transfer it making them more energy efficient. People that are more conscious of energy cost and affordability should go for heat pumps rather than other cooling systems. You should consider the energy efficiency the heat pump provides you before buying.

When buying, you should check the heat pump’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). According to the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy, the most-efficient air source and ductless heat pumps come under 18 to 27.5 SEER and 8.5 to 12.5 HSPF.

Consider The Size Of Your Home

On your journey to finding the best heat pump, the next step is focusing on your house size. When choosing a heat pump, you have to make sure the heat pump is not oversized or undersized. The efficiency of your heat pump relies on the size of your home.

A bigger pump would require a bigger heat pump, whereas a single room apartment would require a smaller one. Before buying, you should consider talking to Air Source Service providers regarding your home structure and the size of the heat pump you should opt for your home.

heat pumps attached side by side on house with blue wall

Get An Expert Opinion, Before Buying A Heat Pump

Now that you know what to consider when choosing the best heat pump. Why not get an expert opinion from us before you buy? At AA Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer you heat pump installation and ac repair services. Our highly experienced professionals can visit your house any time you say to get your cooling system installed.

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