When it comes to HVAC unit problems, people forego calling in an expert and try to DIY the situation. But tinkering with the HVAC unit yourself may result in problems that weren’t even there in the first place. Some people let the problem linger long enough in the hopes that it will somehow fix itself.

Both approaches are wrong. Extensive damage repair for an HVAC unit can get costly if not treated on time and with expert aid.

Although you can deal with some maintenance problems yourself, others will require you to call in an expert. Here are a few signs that mean your HVAC unit needs professional help.

You’re Hearing Strange Noises

All heating and air conditioning systems make sounds; the whooshing sound of gas in a furnace or the sound of a fan pushing air through the AC unit. But you need to be able to differentiate the odd noises from the normal ones. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, a scraping or a clanging sound perhaps, it’s best to call in an expert.

Your Energy Costs are Unusually High  

Usually, energy costs depend on the usage; if you’re using your HVAC unit more, resultantly, the utility bill will be higher, and vice versa. But if your consumption is relatively steady and yet there’s still a spike in the energy costs, it could be a sign of something wrong.

It could be that there is something causing your HVAC unit to work overtime which is resulting in higher energy usage. If that’s so, have it checked out.

You’re Not Getting the Desired Temperature

If your HVAC unit is not giving you the desired amount of warmth or cooling, then it must be struggling to perform efficiently.

First, check to see if it’s not a problem with the thermostat.

It could be that the unit is worn down to such an extent that it is malfunctioning. And if it completely stops cooling/heating, then it’s a definite sign you need to call in an expert.

Other Obvious Signs

This one is obvious, but if you notice any sign of smoke rising, gas leaking, or fire near your HVAC unit, you should shut down the system right away. Instead of endangering yourself by trying to deal with the problem yourself, immediately call in an HVAC contractor to handle the situation.

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