Three Signs Your AC Needs a Repair

Just imagine this: it’s hot and humid outside while your home is all cool and comfy. Your air conditioner is running smoothly, throwing cool air your way. You’re getting drowsier and drowsier, and just when you’re about to doze off, the AC suddenly stops working. You check the thermostat, change the batteries to the remote control, and check your circuit breaker, but everything is in working order.

You are sweating profusely, and your temper is shooting up by this time. You call up the AC repair company in Fort Washington for emergency repairs, but guess what? It’ll take them some time to reach you as everyone had a similar problem like yours. And just like that, the afternoon you wanted to spend relaxing has turned into a wet and sticky nightmare. After air conditioner installation, your air conditioner needs regular repairs and maintenance. Still, we tend to pay little or no attention to our ACs till they develop problems or stop working altogether. The good news is that you can actually do something about it before things get out of hand.

Little or No Airflow

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This is one of the more obvious signs of your HVAC system needing repairs. The AC is working, but you cannot feel any air coming out of it, or the airflow is very weak, which means there’s something wrong with your unit. In Silver Springs, Rockville, Hyattsville, Fort Washington, and Gaithersburg, this means that you and your family will get uncomfortable very quickly.

This problem of little or no airflow might indicate something wrong with the air vents, air ducts, or compressor. In such situations, it would be better to call an HVAC repair company like AA Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect your unit and take care of the necessary AC repairs.

Warm Air is Being Blasted Inside

In the summers, the temperature climbs up high, and in such a situation, you need your AC to blast off cool air inside instead of warm air. If your unit is blowing in warm air in the summers, you will most definitely not be comfortable. Secondly, warm air coming out of a system that is supposed to keep you cool and comfy indicates something is wrong with the unit, and AC repairs are due. It could be a compressor issue, refrigerant, or duct problem.

Unpleasant Odors Coming from the AC

Your air conditioning unit is supposed to make your family feel calm and comfortable and not fall sick. However, if you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your AC whenever it blows air into the room, there’s definitely something wrong with it, and it means that your AC needs repairs. This unpleasant odor can be caused by either an electrical malfunction or mold contamination.

For instance, if the odor coming in from your AC is moldy and stale, then it means that there is mold contamination. In contrast, a burning smell would indicate an electronic issue.

Keep That Air Conditioner Running

Having an air conditioning unit that works makes your afternoons and nights quite comfy and easier, especially when you live in Silver Springs and the surrounding areas. At AA Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer ac repair services that you can trust. We can get your AC running in no time. Do you need to get your AC repaired, or are you thinking about getting a new one? Our technical staff is at your beck and call. Request a free estimate now.