Should You Turn Off Your Water Heater In Summers?

That’s a good question. With summer almost here, why would you need to keep your water heater around? Sounds like a legitimate question. You don’t need hot water and certainly don’t want to deal with expenses.

The truth is, all of this depends. If you have an old boiler, shut it off. This is because it doesn’t have the latest features and isn’t built using the same cutting edge technology as a new one. It will keep on burning pilot light, which is the last thing you want!

What should you do?

If you have a modern boiler, keep it switched off. This is because it’s not coated with polystyrene to keep it safe during the summers, from the humidity and heat.

You’ll end up with costly repairs that you don’t want to deal with!

However, electric boilers don’t need to be switched off during the summers because you can simply use them for kitchen sinks and dishwashers. Your kitchen sink and dishwasher need heat to be able to be maintained well.

With electric boilers, cold water is heated according to the temperature required by the dishwasher.

But other than this, it’s a good idea to occasionally (keyword: occasionally) use hot water during the summers. You don’t need to use it for showers, but you can use it for cleaning.

What this will do is keep your boiler functional and pump the diverter valve that circulates water and radiates heat. It will help keep it safe from rust and prevent it from seizing.

If you keep your water heater off during the summers for long periods of time, you will end up facing hefty maintenance expenses when you finally turn it on during late autumn.

Switch on your water heater maybe once or twice a month for 15 to 20 minutes. This is sufficient time for it to regulate the water and prevent rust from damaging its inner workings.

You can also consult a professional to help you figure out what to do with the type of water heater you have, and how to maintain it properly.

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